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Taking a "selfie" - practise, practise!!
Naz: Towards 60

With gentle resistance I lunge towards 60, 
searching daily for that secure foothold
where I feel free to be me.  With 57 years under my belt, literally, you would think I had a grip on who I am but with every grasp is a liberating let go, revealing another facet of me, Naz.   As I near my 60 year milestone, rather than reflect on the life I have lived, I become more focused and deliberate in making every precious day more memorable, more colourful and more playful.  Don’t get me wrong, I know some days aren't going be perfect; my 57 years have delivered me some wisdom, but unless I consciously intend and create my life, day by day, it will slip by and I will wonder with regret…..where the heck did all that time go, why didn’t I choose to explore me, “know” me and why didn’t I dare do the things that excited me and brought me joy?
So this leads me to ask, how do I traverse this new phase in my life with confidence, style, boldness and vivacity?  Questions come daily, from trivial to life changing. Ones that challenge the norm or just simply reveal my ignorance of “getting older” as my birth year fades into the distant past.
I want to explore these questions.  Nut them out.  Find my way for me to step up and step out, be my authentic self and be it with confidence, style and grace, making every day a WOW day!

Welcome to our blog.  We look forward to sharing and caring with you.

Fiz: Learning to BeOLD

Ever since I turned 60 almost four years ago, I have been trying to work out how to do it well. I am very conscious that, if life is a three-act play, this is the final act. And I want it to be a good one!

This final act may still encompass decades and if it does I want them to be interesting, vibrant decades filled with a sense of purpose and of course the two essential Ls: love and laughter. I want to build on my life experiences, hone my skills, explore new avenues; not close the door on life. And I want to do it with style—a style that is not trying to remain young or lapsing into a diminished oldness; rather a uniquely 60-something style where I am feeling good and looking good.

And so I am starting a blog where I plan to write about the challenges and pleasures of finding the best way to live as a single female in her 60s with modest finances. I hope that the act of writing will clarify things for me and keep me to my quest; and also that by sharing I might receive back from others about how best to tackle this somewhat tricky stage of life.

In many ways my life is unfolding quite happily. 


Join us in being BOLD. We realise we are getting old—well oldish—and we want to be and do it well. No— better than just well— we want to do ‘old’ with style and panache. We want to live with authenticity and integrity and have a fabulous time doing it! We promise to fess up and tell you how we are faring as well as share insights and ideas about being bold instead of just old.  

Look for Fiz’s blogs on Mondays and Naz’s blog on Thursdays.

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