Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Temporarily disabled

How to write about being temporarily disabled?
Day 1 at Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

Do I take that light jolly tone … had a bit of a mishap, use weird wording about how it was meant to be … and tell you that I have slowed down, grown in wisdom, and am now a better person? I probably am but heck just meditate—no need to fracture your heel bone.

Do I say it sucks … and then feel immediately guilty because I am only temporarily incapacitated, I’m receiving good treatment, and have a plethora of mobility aids? And it is kind of fun scooting along on the knee cruiser.

Do I tell you about the generosity and thoughtfulness of those close to me and the kindness of strangers? It is deeply appreciated but each according to availability and capacity (rephrasing Karl Marx) and I don’t want to single anyone out or make a list and forget someone.

Yep, it’s all three: just a mishap, it sucks, people have been great.

And to ease us back into BOLDness, Naz and I decided to catch up over wine and cheese. We headed to Point Arkwright, scored the picnic table among the trees close to the cliff edge, and settled in to watch the sun set. As we looked out at the ocean below framed by bushes, a couple of whales decided to do their thing, right there, centre stage. Magic!

It is indeed a wondrous world …



Susan said...

You sound very philosophical about it all - glad you are feeling cared for. Hope your recovery goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

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