Sunday, 9 July 2017


It was stunning! All the more because it was unexpected: the mountain peaks majestic in a sea of clouds. A white landscape at the Sunshine Coast is a rarity and we were lucky enough to have the dramatic beauty of it laid out before us. Wow!

Visibility had been poor driving up to Mapleton and through Montville, and it seemed ridiculous that Naz and I had chosen to go to Maleny for our BOLD playtime. It had sounded a good idea the night before … there was the upgraded Mary Cairncross Park (we were thinking lunch at the new café there) and a yourtown prize home to check out, plus the Maleny vibe. We were both in need of an uplift, and a trip to the hinterland seemed just the thing.

But as we drove to Maleny on Friday it seemed a big mistake. Our first stop was Mary Cairncross Park. The new information/education centre looks great—a perfect fit for the landscape—and the walks inviting, but it was drizzling and we needed coffee and food. The café was ‘opening soon’.

After a brief walk, we decided to head into Maleny. As we were about to get into the car, we looked up and saw it: a jaw-dropping landscape that demanded awe and wonder.

Now I could go into a spiel about how our experience of anticipation, disappointment, and then unexpected delight mirrors life but I just want to rave on about the delight. Talk about uplift! It wasn’t a grey day after all: it was brilliant!

The hamburgers at Sarah's Unplugged nourished in a more physical way. Impossible to eat gracefully but absolutely yummy—why does Naz always insist that images of me, posing like an insane person, should go in the blog? (ok, maybe I shouldn’t pose like an insane person, but still …)

We looked but didn’t buy at Ginger Lilli despite there being some fab Verge pieces—that label always catches my eye. But I did pick up some secondhand books at the Maleny Bookshop … a book lover’s bliss. I am already half way through StillAlice by Lisa Genova. What a powerful novel. I didn’t get around to seeing the film and if you didn’t either, I strongly recommend reading the book. Early onset Alzheimer’s is a bleak topic but managed so deftly by the author—providing insight without heavy handedness.

Of course, we had to pop into the other bookstores—another second hand one, PS: Books, and Rosetta Books across the road was a must. Maleny was humming: lots of people out and about, and then there were the crocheted wraps around the trees and benches—so Maleny.

But I have raved enough. I’ll let Naz tell you more …

Apparently Maleny’s Knitfest was in full swing. The Malenians I spoke to at one of the art studios said that it’s an exciting weekend held on the 8th and 9th July 2017, celebrating winter arts and crafts embracing the whole community and town. From the amount of traffic and lack of parking options it must be popular for both tourists and the locals. We had to leave the car way down yonder but the stroll to the main street in the drizzling rain under watertight brollies was fresh and nice.

In the street, there was knitting and crochet on the strangest things and in the weirdest places. It seemed nowhere was display exempt. Memories of the essential crochet blanket surfaced—you know—creative teenage years and the never ending multi-coloured, garish one that was finished only when you’d had enough and said it’s done. It then resided in the cupboard—tucked safely away, gradually making its way to the very back—really not good enough to use, its colours always clashing with the décor!  Would it make vintage?

After poking around the curious eclectic shops in the main street and finally making it back to the car (we thought we were lost for a moment), we headed east, following the signs to the yourtown home. It was out of town on a road that seemed to go on forever and nearly hidden on the lower side of the street. Modern clean lines, skillion roof, electric gate, and multi levels of retaining walls met you at the entrance. Not that gob smacking for $1.6 mill but inside the view was something else. Glass panelling framed the Glasshouse Mountains from every angle and perfectly placed windows provided scenic outlooks in most directions. Noticeable was the ever changing landscape as the weather shifted—breezes moving mist and clouds; sunlight and shadows responding accordingly. The valley below looked magical. I could get use to this backdrop that nearly every room shared. Special note—the spa bath with surrounding floor to ceiling glass was the bomb! What a place to relax! 

As Fiz said, the hinterland views were stunning and gaze we did—lucky to experience them from two different vantages—outside from Mary Cairncross Park where the elements shortened our viewing time and then dry and snug here, inside, able to ignore the wind and rain and instead leisurely take in the beauty beyond the glass.

No matter how many times I visit the Sunshine Coast Hinterland I never tire of its beauty, the village atmosphere and the creative and friendly arty-farty people who call it home.

So, posing occasionally as an insane person can be okay, can’t it? Particularly for the lens. And I can think of no better place to playfully pose than Maleny—in a quirky café sharing with others of the same quirkness. Thanks for your hospitality Maleny. We will be back! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "face to face" view of Your Town's July prize.
Apologise early for your future disappointment but the stars planets wine bottles are all in line for me to win it!!!

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