Wednesday, 24 May 2017


You know you have had a special time when the after-glow lingers and you feel optimistic and, well, happy! And that's what happened when Naz and I celebrated her 60th birthday at Wasabi in Noosa Heads.

Turning 60 is a definer. You are passed half way. You have reached another stage in life. Adapt or be miserable is how I see it. Don’t misconstrue this…for me, it’s a licence to be BOLD!

I roll my eyes when those of you in your 40s and 50s catastrophise about being old when you are not even close (yes, Naz you were sometimes guilty of this too!). 60 is close BUT only close: in our 60s (and early 70s too I note), we are in this delightful but sometimes tricky ‘tween stage that I have blogged about before (What we need is better branding): a time of opportunity to do it while you can!

It doesn’t have to be clubbing, it can be celebrating Naz’s entry into her 60s with a leisurely lunch at the much-lauded Wasabi restaurant—a perfect way for Naz to continue the Japanese theme of her celebrations which she had begun with her family in Japan.

But on Friday is was rainy and overcast and I didn’t know what to wear. Smart casual can be bloody difficult at this time of year when the weather is so variable: the strappy shoes or boots dilemma. I opted for pants and a black top but, because we were celebrating, I wanted to add a bit of zing to the plainness … if only I could have found my jet choker. Naz nailed it with gorgeous ear-rings and a long black cardi (exactly the cardi I have been looking for!).

Once cocooned in Wasabi, however, the clothes dilemma was totally forgotten. What a wonderful afternoon we had: a glass of prosecco (yes, I know it’s Italian but the occasion demanded bubbles) was the perfect way to ease into a lunch of multiple taste sensations and ramblings about whatever entered our heads. Even the grey landscape on the other side of the glass wall was surprisingly perfect.

As we left, we remembered you dear reader and there was a flurry of photo taking (I really must learn to take better photos!). We both agreed that we like sharing with you, and re-affirmed our commitment to blogging even if our posts are a bit ad hoc. Life’s like that when you are in your 60s!

Cheers Naz … welcome to the 60s
Fiz xx

Thanks Fiz and what a welcome to the 60s I’ve had.  Apparently turning 60 is a big deal (so I’ve been told) and now, here I am.  So, what do I do from here? Just continue on—business as usual—me being me and doing stuff!  No more self-imposed compromises over this next phase of my life!  Life is precious and I’m not wasting one day on things that dull my happiness —I want to sparkle!  I suspect this may come with decisions that put me in a casual spin but I’m trusting to do it right—the best of me—the best I can.

Adding to my newfound and more mature confidence, post 60 decision number one worked out famously. Choosing Wasabi for lunch with Fiz was a fab choice.  After my birthday celebrations in Japan I was excited to experience oriental cuisine again and I was not disappointed—Wasabi delivered.  In keeping with Japanese presentation each of our four courses were exquisitely served and shouted deliciousness—layers and layers of zealous flavour.  Chopsticks completed the experience and although somewhat clumsy at times I only left one spill on the white linen cloth—a chocolate dollop fallen from dessert—from a spoon—no chopsticks present—mmmm—oops!

The afternoon rolled on—decadence of food, wine, conversation and time. Outside the rain continued to gently drizzle while the white yachts moored across the river, in stark contrast to the overall greyness, beckoned a lack of restrictions and encouraged my freedom from time constraints. I relaxed into all that was offered and, compared with my pre-60 schedule of trying to cram forty-eight hours of tasks into half that time, this 60 thing seems to be working!  

Heading out for another 60th celebration now…… Got to go….Naz

Our menu


Sashimi Moriawase — a selection of the day's best sashimi served with seasonal condiments
Shiromi Ponzu  — sliced shiromi sashimi, toasted sesame, ginger chips and ponzu 
Yukke  Mooloolaba yellowfin tuna tartare, tobiko black flying fish roe, yuzu miso, shiso salt, aka shiso, soba and rice sembei crackers
Gyoza — steamed house made dumplings of mayura station wagyu, shallot, local bamboo and shitake, spicy ponzu dipping sauce, Honeysuckle Hill's vegetable pickles, dumpling liquor tea
Hanna — poached local bug tail and Mooloolaba king prawns, tempura baby zucchini and its blossom, coral sauce, macrobiotic nori salt 
Sakana — Local arrow-head squid noodle, sweet-lip, kinome leaf, yuzu citrus oil, our coastal seaweeds, okawakame and green tea broth

Palate cleanser

Chocolat — Chocolate sorbet, black kinako milk gelee, dried cherry, four-year-old barrel-aged ogsawara mirin, organic cacao nib, praline

Gen Man Cha


Susan said...

Congratulations Naz.wishing you many happy years ahead.

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