Monday, 23 March 2015

Fiz: Go for Gold!

I presented at a work conference last week. I felt confident that I had adequately prepared my talk but what was I going to wear?! There was no need for anything flash — just something understated in a casually professional way; something that would make me look and feel credible. We all know that feeling good about what we are wearing gives an extra energy boost to our functioning, and yet finding these clothes isn’t easy. Where are these clothes?

Let me hasten to qualify, where are these clothes for someone in their sixties who has midriff flab, can no longer wear high heels, and has a limited budget? And there are more qualifications; I don’t want granny clothes or ho hum clothes. If I am going to do old boldly, I need the clothes to match!

Well, there is help out there. In developing this blog site, Naz and I looked for other blogs about doing old well. The one that most impressed with fashion/clothes smarts for us olds is The blogger, Alyson Walsh, is a mere 51 years old but she gets it about not trying to be a wrinkly version of youthful chic, but going for chic radiating worldly-wise confidence that authentically belongs to older women.  
 Lyn the Accidental Icon, THAT'S NOT MY AGE 
What a great t-shirt slogan ‘Old is the new gold’. For the t-shirt link go to

Alyson’s blog inspires me to not settle for something just because it fits (after trying on half a dozen pairs of pants, the sweet relief of finding ones that actually fit can skew my judgement) but to persevere and find clothes that are also fun and sassy (don’t you just love the way boots make you feel!). And I think this also includes purging my wardrobe of clothes that I imagined I would wear but don’t. It doesn’t mean that I am going to get dressed up to go to the shops. It just means wearing the old t-shirt that I feel good in rather than the one that has never been flattering.

But finding style tips and fashion images to follow still leaves the problem of finding clothes to get these looks at an affordable price. Basically you have to trawl and it is wonderful when you find an online store or a boutique that you can turn to regularly. I particularly like the Australian designer Elk   However, don’t overlook vintage—yours or someone else’s. Just like I have clothing that I won’t miss in my cull, I also have clothes that I loved the first time around so have kept and strategically resurrect. The beautiful leather skirt brought back from Italy by my sister-in-law  c1985 is being altered to accommodate my larger waist and I can’t wait to flaunt it!

On days when you are just feeling old it helps to put on something a bit bold!


Share your experiences, suggestions and tips.


BOLDmag said...

I agree Fiz. I love this look. Thanks for the styling help.

Susan said...

Good on you Fiz. I think you already do bold very well in the wardrobe department. Just keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Go for gold Fiz

Deb said...

I am enjoying your blogs Fiz

Fiz said...

Thanks for the encouragement -- much appreciated!